Carolyn + Kevin: Bohemian Backyard Bash

Friday, December 26

Carolyn & Kevin are not your traditional couple and they certainly didn’t want your traditional wedding. They opted for a bohemian-inspired, food-centric backyard affair. Carolyn‘s family has owned a home in Evergreen, perched high on the hills overlooking what seems like all of Colorado for nearly 100 years. The adorable home feels like Hansel & Gretle’s house and didn’t need much to showcase its charm.
We rented an array of lounge furniture, couches, pillows, harvest tables, and heaters to bring Carolyn‘s boho chic vision to life. Amazing food & drink were huge priorities for the couple and Biscuits & Berries did not disappoint. The drinks flowed and food appeared until late at night, treating guests to a little late night snack and night cap while grooving to the bluegrassy tunes by the band Trout Steak Revival. What a party!!
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