Cassie + Zak’s Breckenridge Mountain Wedding


Thursday, March 12

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Things we love about this wedding:

1. Cassie and Zak’s undeniable love for each other. So genuine, so obvious.

2. Their unapologetic sense of style and overall organic taste of their wedding.

3. Their unmatched ability to go with the flow – rain or shine. With a full blown smile on their faces the whole day.

The wedding took place at the bride and grooms mountain home outside Breckenridge at 12,000 feet. It was one of the highest weddings we’ve done and absolutely breathtaking. The guests braved steep mountain roads to make it to the wedding and then enjoyed a meaningful and spiritual wedding ceremony before the skies decided to open up. Cassie, Zak and their guests all went with the flow and didn’t let the rain dampen their spirits. They held true to what the day was all about and it was such a pleasure witnessing their love and their guests happiness for them despite the not ideal weather. Cassie and Zak were so grateful, humble, and a true joy to work with.

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