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Tuesday, March 10

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Vendor spotlights give us the chance to chat with the most creative, most talented and overall amazing vendors in the industry. This week we sat down with Maggie of Maggie Evans Designs, a designer that is simply the best of the best. She can do just about anything and make it look beautiful. Have a family heirloom you’d like incorporating into your wedding day wear? Maggie’s the master repurposer and will make it look 10x as stunning as before. Can’t seem to find a dress to fit your fancy? Sit down with Maggie, tell her your vision and work together to create your dream dress, fit exclusively for your body + style.

It’s so easy to fall in love with her work and workplace inspiration. Read below to find out what we’re talking about.


Describe what you do.

I help women go from overwhelmed, stressed and confused to clear, inspired, and free. I create dream dresses for women so that they can feel totally authentic and true (and free from the constraints of trends) on their wedding day. I provide a lot of space for a woman to process her experience of preparing for her wedding whether it’s happy and easy or challenging and scary.



What is your idea of a dream project?

A project that begins with getting clear about how the client wants to feel – both physically and emotionally and then the design is born out of that. Of course, a skies-the-limit budget helps too!

Someday, I want to design a dress to be worn on the red carpet at the Oscar’s.

What has been your favorite wedding or event you’ve ever worked/attended?



There have been a few. One was a Calluna client last spring who had a Game of Thrones themed wedding. The bride and I worked for a year to create her dress.

Another was my friend Leah who chose one of my designs and we customized it. That was special because we are so close and she wanted the absolute best of everything for herself, which I totally admire!

And the third was another recent wedding where I got to create two wedding outfits for two women, marrying each other. I was the only one who knew what the dresses looked like, the brides kept each dress a secret. One of the brides wore silk crepe pants. That was fun!

What makes you excited to go to work in the morning?

LOVE. I love celebrating LOVE.

And I am so passionate about creating an awesome EXPERIENCE for the bride with her dress (which is usually such a big part and represents so much for the bride) as well as the end product. I am an artist and my medium is fabric and my muse is each bride’s personal style and body. As long as those three things keep coming together (love, fabric, and bodies) I will keep being excited about going to work in the morning.



What advice would you give a younger you?

Stick with it. Follow your artistic and designer inclinations. Don’t make trying to fit in a priority. This is current advice that I would give to my current self too.

What’s your favorite trend you are seeing in your industry?

I don’t follow trends. I love color. I love raw edges. I love white and ivory together. And I love gold – gold, gold forever. I love sculptural dresses, simple designs with interesting details that enhance a bride’s personal style.

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Working with Maggie will make your wedding dress dreams come true so we recommend scheduling a meet and greet with this fabulous lady. We’re so happy to work with such an artist, and know you will be, too!

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Stay tuned for more vendor spotlights to come. Xx, Calluna Events


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