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Thursday, January 28

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One of Calluna Events favorite caterers is a Denver based Catering by Design. Chef owned and operated, this catering company can whip up pretty much anything your imagination can. Having been around for more than a decade, they are also well-established and know their way around the business. In addition, they have a strong ‘green’ component, which includes not only composting and recycling leftovers, but offering you the option of a menu that is comprised solely of food items that come from within 100 miles of Denver. We were lucky enough to sit down with Catering by Design and ask them some questions of our own. Enjoy!

1.Years in business: 14

2. Location: Denver, However we service the entire state of Colorado.

3. Most memorable wedding yet – I have two favorites – both with Calluna Events actually. The Beninson & Guercio Weddings – both so unique. The Beninson Wedding was a three day wedding, filled with events and we were fortunate enough to cater to each of them. The bride and groom were and still are two of my most favorite clients ever. We were practically on the floor laughing during their tasting which is the best way to start a relationship with a client.

4. “I love it when a bride and groom… is excited about the food! From menu development to the tasting, having a bride and groom that is excited to be a part of it and that wants to add character to their food adds such pleasure to our day here.

5. “Our favorite kind of bride is…” – One that really lets us get creative with the menu and is open to our advice and suggestions!

6. “What sets us apart from other caterers is…” Being Chef owned, we have the power to create anything for our events, even if it is a favorite dish from an specific ethnic background or a regional favorite. We also prepare 90% of our food at the event-site ensuring that it is the highest possible quality.

7. “Trends we are seeing in 2010 are… Thursday & Friday weddings seem to be on fire this year! In regards to planning trends, really maximizing budget is on every bride and groom’s mind and for just reason. With every budget, our goal is still the same, to produce the most creative menu we can for each client.

8. “Some ways to save a bit of money on catering are…” Pass Hors d’oeuvres instead of an Hors d’oeuvres Station. This way, we can control the quantities. Also, consider using compostable cups for your bar instead of renting glassware. And lastly, for seated & plated meals, have your caterer work with a two component plate, meaning a protein and then a mixed vegetable/starch dish, it saves in labor costs and usually helps save on the plate cost as well!

To find out more about Catering by Design, please visit their website.

Photography of Catering by Design hos d’oeuvres by Recherche Photography.

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