Wedding Fashion Trends — Let the New Year Sparkle


Wednesday, January 27

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New Year’s Eve is often accompanied by fireworks, and glitter, and confetti, and sequins, and funny paper tiaras that boast “2010” in silver glitter. In a word, the New Year is reigned by sparkle. Not just literal sparkle either, but the metaphorical sparkle of a new adventure in a new year. But now that January is drawing to a close, you may find that the glitz of the New Year is not-so-slowly wearing off to a dull sheen. Well, lucky for you, we at Calluna Events are here to tell you that it needn’t be so!

If you’ve found yourself wandering through any department or other clothing store recently, you’ve probably noticed a preponderance of sequins. Sequin tops, sequin dresses, sequin leggings, sequin shoes — you name it and it’s been sequined. And if you’ve found yourself continually drawn toward the glinting light of these pretty-sparkly items, then this blog post is for you. Because this year, adding a bit of sparkle to your wedding is hugely popular. And the best news is that a lot of these ideas can be executed ‘on a dime’ so to speak. From gold-dusted chocolate truffles, to DIY wedding favor boxed dipped in glitter, to wedding dresses accented with bits of bling, 2010 says that it is time to forget about our current economic situation and add a bit of glitter to life (and weddings). So bring on the bling!

For these and other images/ideas, visit: Martha Stewart Weddings Online

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