Choosing the Perfect Wedding Band from Guest Blogger, Pammy Rosen


Monday, July 26

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Pammy Rosen, a freelance writer for My Jewelry Box, a North American online jewelry store, was recently kind enough to contribute a guest blog. Below she gives all you brides-to-be a few tips on how to choose the perfect wedding band for your engagement ring!

“He proposed, and you have a beautiful and sparkling engagement ring! While you are busy planning the details of your upcoming wedding, don’t forget to make plenty of time to choose the perfect wedding band to compliment your engagement ring, so that you’ll have a wedding set you love for a lifetime!

First, take another close look at your engagement ring. What does the band look like? Is it smooth or does it have inset stones? Is it thick or delicate, and what karat is the gold? Traditionally, a wedding band matches the band of your engagement ring, so that you have a classic matching set of gold rings but the options are up to you, and you have the freedom to make your wedding set as unique and stunning as you wish.

Now think about what you think would be the perfect compliment to your engagement ring. The wedding band is worn closest to the hand, and the engagement ring belongs on top of it. Historically, the wedding band was more important and valuable than the engagement ring, and was worn first so that the engagement ring would protect the wedding band. While this is not the case many times in modern ring value, you still typically wear your rings in this order. If you like a lot of shimmery diamonds, consider a band inlaid with small stones. If you like a sleeker look, a plain band of the same color and karat of gold is a classy option.

A great look for your wedding set is a wedding band and engagement ring band of the same width. A band much thicker or thinner than the band of your engagement ring could distract from the set as a whole and draw attention too much to one or the other. It will also benefit you to choose the same karat of gold for both, so that the wear and maintenance of both are the same and they will age in the same manner.

What makes a wedding set truly unique is your personal pairing of engagement ring and wedding band. Find something that speaks to you. So, whether you like glitzy diamonds or smooth, shiny bands with a dazzling solitaire, take these tips with you and choose a wedding band that will make your set perfect for you — just like the man with whom you’ve chosen to spend the rest of your life!”

— Pammy Rosen

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  1. Thank you for sharing this great tips in choosing for a perfect band, this could help a lot!

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