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Tuesday, June 29

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We recently talked with Comida owner, Rayme Rossello on her thoughts and vision behind the big, pink truck called Comida. You may have seen it rolling around Boulder. Comida is not your standard wedding caterer, but if you’re looking for something fun, yummy, and a little bit ‘spicy,’ then it might be just right for your wedding. Here’s why:

1. How did the idea for Comida start? I started thinking about Comida 3 years ago while on vacation in Tulum, Mexico. I had just sold my 1/2 of Proto’s Pizza to my business partner Pam Proto and knew I really wanted to do something on my own. For the first 2 years I really imagined Comida would be in restaurant form. It wasn’t until last October on a trip to New York City (where I come from) that I began to see Comida as a Vending Truck. I grew up eating off of them, but had never really had such great food as I did that trip.

2. Why Mexican fare? I love Mexican food. My mother lived in Mexico for many years and I don’t think I have ever turned down the opportunity to eat good Mexican food.

3. Why the pink truck? Any special stories about your truck? The color pink we settled on for Comida reminds me of Mexico. It speaks to all the bouganvilla that grow wild there and also speaks to who I am.

4. I hear you’ve catered a few reception dinners. Which was your favorite and why? Favorite?… They have all been great! We just love to let people have fun. Lining up and eating from the truck allows people to chat while they hang out in line and there is no pressure to get it all in at once. We show up, open up, serve and then beat it. And all the while the bride and groom get to have fun and not worry about whether or not people are getting what they need. We take the trash away when we leave, play music if they like and send great food out the window.

5. Where do you see comida “going” (no pun intended). 🙂 I see Comida growing as much as we can as a food truck group, and also envision having a sit down restaurant within a couple of years. Then, we can use the truck for special events and also let people enjoy a full dining experience.

6. What would be the ideal wedding (in your opinion) to cater? Ideal Wedding? Bringing the truck to an open field on a beautiful day for 2 people (and as many of their friends and family as they want to share it with) that can’t wait to spend the rest of their lives together. We show up just as the ceremony is ending and start serving when people get hungry…. and then we slay them one taco at a time!

7. What do you love about your business/cooking? I love showing up in the morning and pulling the truck out of the bay and getting her all fired up. My next favorite part is working the window and making friends as I sell tacos and gorditas and quesadillas out the window. I really just love it all. I love my staff, I love watching people’s faces as the realize that it’s not like any other truck food they have ever had and I love feeding people in general.

8. What’s your most popular meal/which is your favorite? The Short Rib Situation taco is the landslide favorite I would say. It’s spicy and sweet and ridiculously delicious. But really, it’s all real good. And the truck made coconut cake is not to be missed.

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