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Monday, June 6

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The wedding cake can be one of the most important aspects of a reception when it comes to our sweet toothed Bride and Groom, however a traditional cake is just not always as exciting to some as it is to others. The wedding cake can be an absolute masterpiece created by some of the finest bakers in the area, but they don’t have to be five-tiered fondant covered pieces stacked on top of one another. Some couples are trying a totally different take by creating a cake in shapes of animals, or a recreation of a memorable place they love, or even using delicious cupcakes to celebrate with their guests.

It is important to remember that this is your day, and the way you want to design your cake is entirely a representation of what you love and want to share with the people you love. Cupcakes too can be made into a variety of different flavors and organized in the most unique and beautiful ways using classic perceptions of traditional wedding cakes. Using tiers to arrange the small cakes has an illusion of a traditional cake, but a modern take on the celebratory sweets. Fresh flowers too, are a perfect way to make your cake more of a piece of artwork rather then food. Be sure to talk to your baker or bakery about what you see as inspiration and definitely what you envision your cake looking or tasting like. Do not fear to request an unusual idea, because it is likely they would love a challenge! 

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