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Saturday, June 4

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John & Melissa’s wedding entrance :: Devil’s Thumb Ranch :: Jamee Photography
Add Personality to your Wedding with an Exceptional Entrance!

Many couples choose a traditional walk down the aisle, with a soft melody playing as the wedding party steps formally into the ceremony, and finally the bride and her father as the guests watch smiling quietly. In recent years however, some couples have broken the mold by putting a little bit of personality into their wedding entrance! Brides and grooms are now dancing, skipping and laughing their way down the aisle and into their receptions bringing an unexpected spin to the traditional wedding entrance.

Some brides and grooms take the time to sit down and totally choreograph their entrances, while others just throw on some music and let their friends and family break it down. Choosing an entrance that puts a smile on your face and the faces of your guests can brighten your special day, whether the best man is doing “the worm” or the bridal party just has a little skip in their step walking in to your favorite song. Check out this unique wedding entrance that had the internet buzzing!

At one of our weddings this season at the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Leah and Bret entered their reception under a tunnel of glowing light sabers to the theme of Star Wars. Their special entrance got their guests up and laughing, a great way to liven up your reception dinner. Adding personality to your entrance is all about creating something memorable for you and your guests, breaking the stiffness of the traditional wedding processional and just enjoying your special day by making it your own. So turn up the song you danced to at prom, your first date or just one that reminds you of a special memory and create a wedding entrance that you will remember for a lifetime!

Leah & Bret’s wedding :: Stanley Hotel :: Leah Lund Photography
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    what about non traditional shoes like chucks….

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