Donna + Mike’s Frogbelly Farm-to-table Wedding


Thursday, March 21

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“Farm-to-table” and “farm-to-fork” are phrases you hear quite often in the foodie and event worlds. However, this farm-to-table, seasonal wedding was also deliciously vegan AND gluten-free and took place at one of our favorite venues, the working Frogbelly Farm. Catered by the Top Chef Season 5 Winner, Hosea Rosenberg of Blackbelly Catering, this wedding epitomized local, seasonal catering and topped the charts as one of our favorite rustic, yet elegant events!

Planned in just 3 short months, Calluna Events was so thrilled to be a part of the couple’s special celebration. Donna, a local Pilates instructor and Mike, a talented musician, made the picture perfect couple. They were a dream to work with and completely trusted Calluna Events to take the reigns and bring their beautiful vision to life.

The couple had dreamed of an outdoor wedding and although the temperamental weather threw everyone for a loop, guests were as gracious as they come. The light snow during the ceremony only added to the intimate setting.

Frogbelly Farm

Despite the rain, sleet, snow, and freezing temperatures, everything came together beautifully and vendors rallied together to make the couple’s outdoor vision a reality. Guests were encouraged to bundle up and meet at the central fire pit, where they were treated to a very gourmet popcorn bar and gourmet s’mores bar, including homemade marshmallows.

Donna + Mike Frogbelly 15

Heather Seeley of Hatch Flowers incorporated beautiful rustic elements to create a sophisticated, yet very “Colorado” space. Mason jars, local flowers, lounge vignettes, twinkle lights and candles galore defined the space – inside and out.

Donna + Mike Frogbelly 29

For the ceremony, accomplished guitarist Reed Foehl serenaded the bride and groom, also personal friends of his.

Donna + Mike Frogbelly 11

Please enjoy our wedding wisdom and detailed photos below….

As wedding season approaches, it is important to remember that you can’t predict Colorado’s capricious weather, but you can have great vendors and great guests, who know how to roll with the punches. It is so important to have a Plan B and not to panic when the sun doesn’t shine on your wedding day. Thank you to everyone who helped with this stunning event. We wish the happy couple years and years of happiness together!

Donna + Mike Frogbelly 40 Donna + Mike Frogbelly 39Donna + Mike Frogbelly 38Donna + Mike Frogbelly 36Donna + Mike Frogbelly 35Donna + Mike Frogbelly 34Donna + Mike Frogbelly 32Donna + Mike Frogbelly 31Donna + Mike Frogbelly 30Donna + Mike Frogbelly 37Donna + Mike Frogbelly 28 Donna + Mike Frogbelly 26 Donna + Mike Frogbelly 25 Donna + Mike Frogbelly 24 Donna + Mike Frogbelly 23 Donna + Mike Frogbelly 22 Donna + Mike Frogbelly 21 Donna + Mike Frogbelly 20 Donna + Mike Frogbelly 19 Donna + Mike Frogbelly 18 Donna + Mike Frogbelly 17 Donna + Mike Frogbelly 16  Donna + Mike Frogbelly 14 Donna + Mike Frogbelly 13 Donna + Mike frogbelly 10Donna + Mike Frogbelly 9Donna + Mike Frogbelly 8Donna + Mike Frogbelly 7Donna + Mike Frogbelly 6Donna + Mike Frogbelly 5 Donna + Mike Frogbelly 12Donna + Mike Frogbelly 4 Donna + Mike Frogbelly 3 Donna + Mike Frogbelly 2 Donna + Mike Frogbelly 2w4jUmvg0Uv9wQLoY1YHa8SPf94azLRXQe0PSV9Rg1c

Thank you Donna + Mike for the beautiful memories and for the glowing testimonial below. We love you!

“Hiring Heather and Calluna events to plan our wedding was truly a great decision! We planned our wedding in just three months, and although there are more moving parts than we ever could have imagined, with Heather’s knowledge, guidance, and confidence, it was actually a relatively stress free and fun process! The week of our wedding, we had a very unexpected weather change, and were completely panicked that our vision of a beautiful “Fall” wedding would, all of a sudden, not be a possibility. BUT, Heather and her team remained calm, rallied (BIG TIME) together with all of our vendors, and were able to stay completely true to our vision! We put our trust into her to make our day as incredible as we had dreamed, despite some pretty big obstacles, and we were were NOT disappointed! In fact, our wedding was even better than we imagined, and we would not do it any differently. Thank you Calluna!” – Donna Rosen Ligon


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