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Saturday, March 9

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Just a regular Sunday afternoon… Picking up a custom floral headpiece from our friends at the Perfect Petal in Denver, getting dressed up, grabbing a vintage stole, and heading up to Gold Hill, Colorado for a fun love shoot.

Calluna Event’s own Lead Planner + Stylist, Jolene, and her hubby, Chad, were the stars of this would-have-been Wedding Winter wonderland. They never took formal engagement photos before their own wedding in 2011, so Ali Bove of Alison Vagnini Photography jumped at the opportunity for this post-wedding photo shoot.

Ali is not only a phenomenal photographer, but she is so much fun to work with! For this particular shoot, she brought a number of different cameras including a polaroid-style vintage camera! Ali gave Jolene + Chad the polaroids as a memento of the day. Ali, having been in the wedding industry for years, knows exactly how to make clients feel comfortable and is a joy to work with. Her creative approach to photography, authentic style, calm and collected demeanor, and her true sense of humor make modeling for photos so much fun!

It’s never too late for a photo shoot of your own! Have you been wanting to do something like this? If so, give Ali a call and enjoy playing dress up for the afternoon!

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We do know that sometimes photo shoots can feel awkward or unnatural, so here are a few tips on how to look your best from the beautiful blog, Green Wedding Shoes:

1. The key to engagement pictures is effortlessness. In order to look comfortable in front of a camera you should feel and look comfortable. You don’t want to be in a dress or pair of shoes that you usually don’t wear. Don’t feel pressured into wearing a jewel encrusted floor length ball gown with stilettos. Just wear something you know that you are awesome at rocking at and go with it!

2. The dress you decide to wear for your engagement pictures should be something simple and easy to wear. You want to wear usually something knee length so you can easily walk around your shoot location without worrying about carrying the dress or ruining it. Photographers like to shoot outdoors and take their couples to the beach, mountains or something that isn’t floor length dress friendly.

3. To give your guests a preview of your wedding you may want to ask your florist to create a little floral headpiece or use some flowers from your wedding to add to your look.

4. Don’t feel like wearing a dress but still want glam it up a bit for the shoot? Throw on some cute denim high waist shorts and pair with a pop of color with a tucked in long sleeve blouse. To accessorize a bit you can put on a long charm necklace and some simple gold earrings. To complete the outfit put on some black pumps or flats and you are good to go!

5. Engagement pictures are to help you get comfortable with your wedding photographer and help you feel prepared for your wedding day. Don’t feel shy to ask the photographer how to pose and how your posture looks. This is the time to master the camera and figure out the best shots that work for you and your future spouse! It is also a good idea to do your test run with your hair and make up artist. This way you can get a better idea of how your make up and hair will be on your wedding day in pictures. You don’t have to do the exact same make up that you have planned. Try changing it up a bit! Instead of doing nude lips, be creative and try pink or orange lips.

6. Be yourself, smile, and really show the love!


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