Eco-Friendly Wedding Decor/Wedding Favors — Repurposed Flatware

Wednesday, February 3

Becoming environmentally conscious in your everyday life is becoming not only more and more popular, but more important as well. At Calluna Events we try to encourage a ‘green’ aspect in every wedding we plan. Because taking care of the world we are married in is important to us, and to those that come after us. That being said, we don’t want to sacrifice any bit of the glamour and wonder of your dream wedding, so we’ve scoured the world for wedding tidbits that are not only amazing, but eco-friendly as well. Recently, we stumbled on a a woman who takes old dishware and repurposes it into adorable, artsy, and totally unique dishware sets. Not only are these dishes truly beautiful, but they can then either add a whimsical touch to your own kitchen, or be given away as wedding favors.

Check out Sarah Cihat’s rehabilitated dishware!

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