Money Saver Wedding Idea — Ordain a friend!

Friday, February 5

There’s a new trend popping up everywhere in modern weddings, and it also happens to be a great way to save money as well. As it turns out, hiring an Officiant can turn into a costly affair. Having a friend get ordained and marry you is not only a fun alternative, but considerably less expensive. Plus, then your friend gets to tell everyone that he/she is now an ordained minister!

It is important, however, to check with the local county clerk’s office where you’re going to be married, because in certain states, registration or proof of certification may be required. Below are some websites where your new officiant can go to get ordained:
Universal Life Church
Esoteric Interfaith Church
Universal Life Church Monastery

For more information, visit:
Martha Stewart Weddings
Tres Sugar

Photography from Kelly & Matt’s wedding by Marilee Langner Photography.

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