Friday Introduction | Meet our Intern, Sarah!

Friday, October 13

Sarah Anderson was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area and came out to Colorado for school. She is currently in her senior year at the University of Colorado majoring in Speech Language Hearing Sciences. Her interest in wedding planning became strong when she held started her position as event planner in her sorority. She loves the excitement and creativity that is involved in event planning, and is thrilled to learn and experience all of the amazing events first hand.

Xo, Calluna

  • My favorite place I have traveled is…?

Definitely Myanmar!

  • My dream vacation would be to…?

I would love to hike in Norway and see the northern lights!

  • My favorite dessert is…?

Ice cream, always ice cream!

  • When not planning weddings you can find me…?

Doing something outdoorsy!


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