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Wednesday, December 25

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On this very special day filled with love, family and plenty of good times, the Calluna staff wanted to share favorite holiday traditions. What are your holiday traditions? We’d love to hear.

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From Healther::

My favorite part of Christmas has always been opening my stocking, and I love now wrapping all the goodies for my daughter’s stocking. We try to do a nice walk or hike on Christmas and there was always one present to open on Christmas Eve. We watch How the Grinch Stole Christmas and Charlie Brown Christmas and making Christmas sugar cookies has always been a tradition, one I got to share with my 3.5 year old this year. And, if there is good snow there is always skiing to be had on Christmas!!

From Jolene::

Coming from a large, somewhat untraditional, loud,  Jewish family my favorite thing about the holidays is always just spending quality time together. Since I was a wee child we have been fortunate enough to head up to Beaver Creek for the holidays and enjoy a few days on the hill together, nights by the fire, and a lot of delicious food + drink.  Some of my favorite memories are skiing all morning and roasting marshmallows all afternoon with my sisters by the fire. Heaven!

From Gabbie::

I love this time of year with all the spirit and magic of the season, celebrations with family and friends and all of the rich tradition and festivities. One of my favorite family traditions is driving around town to admire all the lights and decorations. We pile in the car on Christmas eve, with dad at the helm, turn on Christmas carols and ooo and awe at the effort, creativity and design of our fellow Boulderites. I love spending that time together as a family while also relaxing and taking the time to admire the beauty of the season! This is a tradition I look forward to continuing on for years to come!

From Natalie::

Growing up in a small town, I have noticed that  the entire community seems to morph into one big giant family.  For as long as I can remember on Christmas day after my family wakes up with the sun and opens our presents we prepare for the annual Christmas party at a local family’s house.  This is no ordinary Christmas party. The family lives on land with a pond and there is an annual hockey game that commences each year.  For the family who host the party, Christmas eve consists of piling on layers of clothing and equipping one’s self with ski goggles and a snow blower as they prepare to clear the ice for the Christmas hockey game.  The coming together of the various families in the community has always been my favorite part about Christmas; the love that I share with my family extends and is amplified when the community gathers for a Christmas celebration each year!


From Melanie::

Like Jolene, I come from a large family. Between the four sisters, parents, stepparents, grandparents, step sisters and everyone’s significant other, there’s a lot of us. Schedules are always so busy, so it is really such a blessing to get everyone in the same room, at the same time. On Christmas Eve, we head to a 10pm candlelight service at church, and open one present when we get home. On Christmas, we spend the day relaxing, laughing, watching old family videos and reminiscing about goofy family stories from years ago. We finish our Christmas celebration with a big pot of cheese fondue, sitting criss cross apple sauce around the coffee table with a fire crackling behind us. It’s perfect.

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