Recap of Audi Boulder Premier Event


Thursday, December 19

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We were so thrilled to get a call from Audi Boulder to assist with the planning of their December Premier Party. In just over a month, we planned this swanky celebration of Audi Boulder’s new owners and the smokin’ hot TDI Clean Diesel Audi Cars that were parked at the space for the week.

With the help of a few of our most talented vendors – LMD Productions for stunning lighting, Perfect Petal for the unique floral, Eclectic Hive for the modern decor, OAK for the creative cocktails, and Catering by Design for the tasty treats – we created transformed the Audi showroom into a super chic and sophisticated space for VIP guests to mix and mingle all night.

You can see more photos from this event on our Event Page here. Thanks so much to Allen with Hardcastle Photography for the great photos!

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