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Friday, June 19

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You’ve probably noticed that we work with Jenna and Matt Walker and Katie Thurmes from Jenna Walker quite a bit. Look back through our recent blog posts and on the Calluna Events website and you’ll notice that they shoot a lot of our clients weddings. There is a reason for that! We simply love their photography style, the way they interact with our brides and grooms, their professionalism on the job and the final product. Plus they are super cool and so much fun to be around and truly make our job, as wedding planners, easier. So we sat down with them recently to find out a little bit more. Enjoy!

Years in Business: 5

Location: Located one mile high in Denver, Colorado. Available worldwide.

Most memorable wedding yet: We love a good surprise! We once photographed a wedding down in Mexico with a surprise Mariachi band. The bride & groom hired the band to sneak up on the ceremony at it’s end – something the guests had no idea was coming. It was the perfect ending to the ceremony and made for a joyful processional and welcoming of their new life together. That and we have yet to see such a surprised group of guests.

On another occasion, a best friend to one of our brides surprised the newlyweds with a SECOND first dance. She had hired a local musician, whom they had all watched together just days earlier, to play one of their favorite songs just as the first dance ended. After dancing to the DJ’s song and believing they were finished, the bride and groom were brought to tears as the young girl played one of their favorite songs on her acoustic guitar. There was not a dry eye on the dance floor (ours included!).

I love it when a bride & groom: are present in the moment.
Favorite part of a wedding: There are so many details that go into a wedding to make it what it is – but it’s the emotions of the day that get to us most. We love the anticipation and excitement in those getting ready moments leading up to the ceremony. Here we can see both the bride and groom, surrounded by those that love them most, in their most anticipated moment – and it is then we realize just how right they are for each other – knowing each is so badly wanting to walk down that aisle and begin the adventure of a lifetime.

Our favorite kind of bride is: joyful. We love people with passion for a life well-lived – whether that’s on her wedding day or every day before and after, we love those that see life as nothing short of a celebration. It is that joy that gives meaning to what we do.

What sets us apart from other wedding photographers: Our clients would say we have a unique ability to capture emotion in the moment, as it happens. We relate to a lot of different types of people and most would say they feel very comfortable in front of our cameras – whether they initially thought they would or not – their true colors are able to shine through.

Trends we are seeing for 2009: We are seeing more and more people wanting to go back to the basics – back to the true meaning of a photograph – and seeking that in their wedding imagery. So many of our clients simply want us to capture the wedding day as it happened – remembering the day for its moments and the people in their lives instead of by formal or high-fashion photos. While we still shoot editorially, we love documenting the people in your life and how their love for you shows itself on that one special day. If you think about it, the guests at your wedding are a unique group that represent the two of your lives coming together – it is pretty amazing.

Anything else you’d like to add: We love doing what we do and feel so lucky to be a part of peoples’ most life-changing days. A wedding is your Day One – it is the beginning of legacy that will grow over time – and when you watch Grandparents, still happy together and dancing at their granddaughter’s wedding, you realize just how amazing the love in that room is. We wish for you great joy on your big day – and many amazing moments! And of course, photos to remember it by.
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