Jesse Lee + Lindsay’s magical Boulder wedding

Friday, December 5

There are those weddings that not only bring beautiful memories and a stunning celebration, but also lifelong friends. Jesse Lee & Lindsay have become dear friends and share such a passion for life, love, and each other. They were gorgeous brides and we learned so much working with them on their special celebration.
Jesse Lee & Lindsay come from two very different backgrounds, but watching their two communities come together on their wedding day was one of the most special memories of the entire wedding season. We haven’t seen many other celebrations that have produced as much laughter and genuine love as the marriage of these two beautiful women.
Both entrepreneurs, there was little time for wedding planning in their schedules. The ladies enlisted our help to create a magical weekend at their favorite Boulder venues (Rehearsal Dinner at Hotel Boulderado, ceremony at the beautiful Sunrise Amphitheater, and the reception at the famous Chautauqua Dining Hall). We’d say it was a pretty big success…. as the images clearly show! Thank you for letting us be a part of this magic, ladies…we love you.
 Lindsay_JesseLee_BW-6 Lindsay_JesseLee-19 Lindsay_JesseLee-22 Lindsay_JesseLee-30 Lindsay_JesseLee-103 Lindsay_JesseLee_BW-97 Lindsay_JesseLee_BW-116 Lindsay_JesseLee_BW-117 Lindsay_JesseLee_BW-118 Lindsay_JesseLee_BW-129  Lindsay_JesseLee-161 Lindsay_JesseLee-156Lindsay_JesseLee-246 Lindsay_JesseLee-230  Lindsay_JesseLee-221 Lindsay_JesseLee-174 Lindsay_JesseLee-146 Lindsay_JesseLee-98 Lindsay_JesseLee-24 Lindsay_JesseLee-285 Lindsay_JesseLee_BW-346 Lindsay_JesseLee_BW-412 Lindsay_JesseLee-349 Lindsay_JesseLee-350 Lindsay_JesseLee-416 Lindsay_JesseLee-447 Lindsay_JesseLee_BW-449 Lindsay_JesseLee-484 Lindsay_JesseLee_BW-477 Lindsay_JesseLee-490 Lindsay_JesseLee-506 Lindsay_JesseLee_BW-505 Lindsay_JesseLee-746 Lindsay_JesseLee_BW-627

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