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Wednesday, December 3

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With the holiday season upon us, we’re welcoming in just as many parties as we are inches of snow. For those of you who are hosting be it a holiday work party, hot chocolate bar or full out NYE bash, we’ve put together a Party Planning 101 to help you make the most out of your fancy fete.



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Send out invitations far in advance. We’re nearing the 2014 countdown and if you haven’t gotten your invites out consider doing this sooner than later. Being a respectful host means being courteous of people’s busy lives outside of your gathering, regardless of how formal or informal your party may be.

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Politely inform guests if this is a ‘parents night out’ or if the whole family is welcome. Consider including “please let us know if you need assistance finding a sitter, as the evening will be for the adults only” directly on the invite.**The invitation is great place to state the dress code as well. Ugly sweater, anyone!?

Take advantage of fun venues around town. Who says every party needs to be in your living room? Not us! Try something new and rent out a fun restaurant or event space. Frasca, The Kitchen Upstairs or BMoCA (pictured below) are a few of our favorites.


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Try something new and unexpected.  It’s likely that lots of other hosts will incorporate festive holiday decor, buy why do that when you could give your guests an exciting, memorable experience? Bring in a mixologist, local band, cigar roller or a wine tasting class!


Consider hiring an event planner. We know you have a laundry list of things to do (including laundry) and this party is just one more item to stress over. We love navigating the planning process and can offer fun and creative options for outside-of-the-box party ideas, fun decor elements and assist with guest management, valet services and other ideas you might not think about. We’d love to start the conversation.


Leave your guests in a sticky situation. Holidays are a critical time to be extra cautious on the road. Provide nonalcoholic drinks for your guests, a designated driver, or even offer to cover the Uber ride home. Thinking about these details (sometimes even before your guest!) will show you are both prepared and compassionate to everyone’s needs.

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Get overwhelmed! The point of coming together is to celebrate and be in one another’s company. Don’t wait until the last hour to start enjoying yourself. Cheers!

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Photos compliments of Calluna Events staff, Allen Krugoff Photography, Rachel Gomez Photography and Tess Pace Photography.

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