Lida & Jonathan – a Henna Celebration

Monday, March 2

Jonathan’s family is Jewish and he still has family in Israel. Planning a wedding weekend that included elements of his heritage was very important to both Lida and Jonathan. We started off the weekend by holding a traditional Moroccan Henna Celebration at the Lionsgate Center. Guests were treated to an amazing array of traditional Moroccan Foods prepared by Catering by Design. Some of the foods closely resembled dishes that Jonathan’s family usually prepares at family celebrations. During the Henna, the family & wedding party made their way in a procession carrying platters of sweet cookies and treats, all to symbolize the sweetness of the marriage that was about to take place. We worked with TDA Design in Denver to design the entire décor so that Lionsgate was transformed into a Bedouin Tent set in Morocco Theme. Lida & Jonathan then sat up front in a throne area the guests and were given Henna by the bride & groom. Guests were treated to a belly dancing performance and then music by Pure Sounds Productions.
Photography by Ocken Photography.

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