Money Saver Wedding Idea — Centerpieces that Double as Wedding Favors

Thursday, February 25

When trying to stick to your wedding budget, you often have to compromise one thing that you want in order to have something else that you prefer. One way to help with this is to have your centerpieces, which often consist of expensive flower arrangements, double as favors your guests. An eco-friendly example of this is to use potted plants as the center pieces and let the guests take them home at the end. Potted plants are generally much cheaper than decadent flower arrangements and can often have the same effect. You can even use food for a centerpiece that will look beautiful when guests enter and serve as a tantalizing treat during the reception. Further, in this case, don’t worry about supplying a gift for every guest. Your friends and family will appreciate the gesture but won’t worry over the fact that not everyone took home a gift.

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