A Photo Sneak Peek :: Modern Marie Styled Shoot By Frances Photography

Thursday, April 24

We’re absolutely giddy at the first looks of the styled shoot that took place a few weeks ago at our Modern Marie 10th Anniversary celebration. We were spoiled having THREE talented photographers capturing the magic moments and we’re excited to share as they continue to come in!

First up, the vibrant photos from the stunning work of Frances Photography …  we’re obsessed! Thank you Frances!

0026_Calluna_StyleShoot 0036_Calluna_StyleShoot 0037_Calluna_StyleShoot 0040_Calluna_StyleShoot 0060_Calluna_StyleShoot 0080_Calluna_StyleShoot 0093_Calluna_StyleShoot 0107_Calluna_StyleShoot  0143_Calluna_StyleShoot 0156_Calluna_StyleShoot  0192_Calluna_StyleShoot 0222_Calluna_StyleShoot      0316_Calluna_StyleShoot 0381_Calluna_StyleShoot 0404_Calluna_StyleShoot 0430_Calluna_StyleShoot 0444_Calluna_StyleShoot 0482_Calluna_StyleShoot 0490_Calluna_StyleShoot 0513_Calluna_StyleShoot 0520_Calluna_StyleShoot 0553_Calluna_StyleShoot   0685_Calluna_StyleShoot 0741_Calluna_StyleShoot  0755_Calluna_StyleShoot 0823_Calluna_StyleShoot

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