Professional wedding photographers are worth it!

Friday, March 26

Weddings can be costly, so it’s logical to simplify your wedding budget. However, wedding photographers should not be the expendable cost. The photographer plays a quintessential role in the wedding process and therefore must be professional. A bride must not settle for a family member or random “Craigslisted” student to take this position. Professional photographers know the ins and outs of weddings; they know how to be in the right place at the right time. The best photographers will act as a wedding planner by sitting down with the bride-to-be and creating a timeline of important events. This allows the sequence of the photography to run with ease. It is unlikely the Cousin Steve has the aforementioned knowledge that is invaluable to the wedding photo quality. Seek out a photographer who pays attention to detail and is organized. Along with the right timing, the photographer must provide backup in case of emergencies. Extra supplies such as a back up flash, waterproof equipment, and even an alternative type of camera are needed to avoid the worst-case scenario event. For instance, at a recent wedding we attended, we witnessed the photographer reviewing photographs on her laptop in the transition between cocktail hour and dinner. A mid-wedding review may be necessary to confirm that the high quality photographs are turning out. These beneficial and minute details should be considered when choosing to hire a professional photographer rather than the typical “friend-of-a-friend” photographer.

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