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Tuesday, March 30

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“Statistics show that the most stressful times for couples are transitions; getting married, having a baby, moving, etc. Yet our culture tells engaged couples that they’re supposed to feel more in love than ever during their engagement.”
— Sheryl Paul M.A.

Are you recently engaged, and concerned how the stress of planning the wedding will affect your relationship? This is not unusual to feel. It’s completely normal to feel anxiety, doubt, and confusion as you move from single to married. Luckily, however, here in Boulder we have an amazing resource available to engaged couples. Let Internationally renowned wedding counselor, Sheryl Paul, and premarital counselor, Leila Talore, help you through this process while retaining both clarity and connection with your partner.

On April 25, they will be hosting the inaugural Conscious Weddings Workshop, right here in Boulder. Some of the things covered will be:

1. Answer the million dollar question: are your doubts stemming from truth or fear?
2. Discover the key conversations to have with your partner during this potent transition.
3. Understand why feeling disoriented and anxious is a normal part of your transformation from single to married.
4. Learn how to stay centered and calm even when you’re feeling overwhelmed.

To find out more and to register, visit the Conscious Weddings website.

Find out more about Sheryl Paul and Leila Talore here.

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