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Thursday, October 4

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Thai Wish Lanterns

Many hours and countless little details are a part of the process of planning your wedding; the perfect dress, the centerpieces, your make-up, and countless other perfections.  In order to make sure that all of these details are highlighted and brought to the attention of your guests, the proper lighting is necessary.  Not only is the right lighting key to a great reception but it can also provide various options for you to add another unique aspect to your wedding.  Finding a good lighting specialist can help you to perfect your wedding reception; if this is not an option there are a few things to keep in mind to help you channel your inner most lighting specialist.  First, keep your budget in mind as well as the site; make sure that your site has been thoroughly assessed for door or windows that could produce natural light as well as keeping in mind the impact that your lighting could have on the electricity of your venue, no one wants to be playing peek a boo with the lights flickering on and off! If your venue is outdoors keep outlets in mind as well as the technical aspect of setting up your lighting of choice. Choosing the right lights is another key component to creating a masterful lighting display at your wedding.  For channeling more color into your reception site, think of using a color wash. What is this you may ask? Well a color wash is produced by a type of light fixture that creates a blanket of a certain color; essentially “washing” over your venue with a particular color of your choice. 

Once you have mastered the large logistics of the lighting at your venue comes the fun part! There are thousands of ways to introduce unique lighting ideas into your wedding.  Strings of lights of various sizes always have a way of producing a magical and romantic atmosphere.  Hanging them from the ceilings fanning outward or if you have an outdoor ceremony from trees is the perfect way to incorporate these magical strands of light.  Mason jars are always a hot commodity in weddings, and one unique way to incorporate them is to use them to hold candles and hang them at your reception.  This fairytale like design will create a whimsical sense of beauty at your wedding. 

If you are looking for a way to interact with your guest more and have them be more active at your wedding ceremony then the use of Thai wish lanterns is just the perfect way! These floating luminaires not only provide a fun activity for your guests but these spiritual lanterns will provide for one of the most breathtaking pictures ever.  You can choose to use one color of bags for these lanterns or use the Thai correlations of red with celebration, green resembling growth, purple representing opportunity, pink symbolizing love, or white embodying health.  These lanterns signify good luck and provide one of the most amazing spectaculars of light for your wedding ceremony!  Using the proper lighting at your wedding not only will help to highlight all of the hard work that will go into planning your perfect day but it also provides an opportunity to create a personalized touch to your wedding day!  

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