Top 10 Wedding Cuisine Trends

Thursday, October 4

3 Chicks Bartending serves up specialty seasonal cocktails
Wedding Planner Magazine just posted an article on the Top 10 Wedding Cuisine Trends. We can honestly say most of our weddings incorporated at least one of these trends, if not more, into their wedding this year. My personal favorite is the locally sourced/seasonal fare and the locally sourced artisan spirits, beer & wine!
1. Late-Night Wedding Snacks
2. Gourmet Food Trucks
3. Artisan Spirits, Signature Drinks and Craft Beers, Wine
4. Decadent Desserts
5. Niche Food Bars
6. Coffee Bars
7. Healthier Kids’ Choices
8. Locally Sourced/Seasonal Fare
9. Enhanced intermezzo
10. Allergy-free fare
What’s are the trends you are seeing this year for weddings?
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