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Tuesday, March 14

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While we love the winter months we can’t help but be a little excited for all of the greatness that comes with Spring. We are ready to embrace the warmer temperatures, throw the snow boots to the back of the closet and kick off this wedding season! But what we are truly thrilled to see are those spring flowers, not only blooming in our backyards but for upcoming weddings as well! We asked some of the best in the floral industry what we can expect to see this season and you are in for a treat!


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Frances Harjeet ::  “I am a sucker for pastels, so spring is such fun for me. I love all the soft tones of early spring flowers, like hellebores and the spare beauty of blossoming branches. My other favorite flowers to design with in spring are fragrant seasonal blossoms such as hyacinth, narcissus, muscari, long stemmed sweet peas and the big ruffly showstopper Clony ranunculus! ”

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Photo Credit ::  Decorus Photography || Callie Hobbs Photography 

Lace & Lillies 

Lacey Hamel & Lisa Ferguson :: “We can’t wait for spring…here are some beautiful things that we are really excited to see pop up in Spring weddings!”

The Florals ::

  • “Blooming Branches, for example: Quince Apple Blossom + Forsythia – these can be very fun to work with. It creates a more elongated and stylized look in floral arrangements”
  • “We really love using local growers as much as possible, and Spring is a great time for this! Locally sourced Daffodils and Tulips are perfect for the time of year. Each and every year we see more and more new varieties of Tulips – this Spring we are excited to see Double Tulips + Ice Cream Cone Tulips! Double Tulips can resemble a Peony at times!”


Color Palettes ::

  • “As far as Spring color palettes, we are seeing more colorful Brides and Grooms. Less and less White and Blush weddings. Color comes across in photographs so powerful and we can not get enough! *check out our Color Palette Series HERE!

Accessories ::

  • “Another Spring trend we are loving is Bridal Flower Combs – moving away from the Flower Crown and more towards this sweet accent to elevate your hair style. It is such a cute touch and can be included into any hair style! “


Floral Design ::

  • “Backdrops and Installations!! We love unique, creative, innovative backdrops and we are always building custom pieces for every wedding. Vining foliage up the walls, hanging foliage + floral hoops, floral chandeliers – this bold idea will be seen a lot in 2017!”

Pro Tip ::

  • “Spring in beautiful Colorado always has a way of surprising us with wacky weather in the Spring, sometime it can be a guessing game if you will be married in a lush green field or an all white palette of snow! So having colorful flowers is a great way to ensure that you brighten both of the landscape possibilities for your day!”

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Erin Hornstein :: “We absolutely love working with daffodils, lilac, sweet peas, clematis and parrot and fringe tulips, all of which are available for a limited time in the spring. Although lilac and clematis can be fragile, their scent, delicate blossoms, texture and vining foliage is breathtaking. Parrot tulips are also sensational and come in numerous two-toned varieties that are a delight to design with. Fringe tulips are equally as special with their unique petal edges. Sweet peas are the delicate ruffles of nature and add a gorgeous and soft texture to any bouquet. Daffodils are bright and cheerful and simply shout spring! In all, they are all amazing and such a joy to play with!”

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Photo Credit :: Heather Gray Photography || James & Schulze

Bare Root Flora 

Robyn Rissman :: “Springtime is truly a breath of fresh air! So many of our favorite beauties are popping back up after a long winter! And there are several treasures that are ONLY available in springtime, which makes them all the more special! I wish we had more springtime weddings in Colorado to take advantage of the bounty, but our weather is so unpredictable that we don’t get as much of a call for them. Some of my most anticipated springtime favorites are blooming branches, Italian ranunculus, anemone, sweet pea, viburnum and lilacs. The smell of lilacs in the air is one of my favorite spring moments!”

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Photo Credit : Laura Murray Photography

Featured Photo:: Elizabeth Bettis Photography

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