Spring has sprung – wedding flowers!

Monday, March 16

I love spring! It’s my favorite season. I love the new life, budding trees & blooming flowers and watching my bulbs come up. I walked outside this morning and noticed that some of my bulbs had burst into tiny little yellow flowers. So exciting! So I wanted to share some lovely spring flowers with you today! Maybe you can incorporate some spring flowers or colors into your wedding!

Also, as a side note. One of the best and most cherished gifts my husband and I received as a wedding present was the gift of a bulb garden. Friends of ours not only gave us a variety of different types of bulbs, they scheduled a date with us and came over and helped us plant them in our garden. Now that the bulbs are coming up, we not only get to think about our friends, but it’s a beautiful reminder of our wedding too!
Heather Dwight
Calluna Events
Owner & Colorado Wedding Planner
Photos compliments of The Knot and Brides!

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