The benefits of a wedding planner.


Wednesday, October 22

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We are back from Italy! What an amazing country. We had a fabulous time but now I’m back to reality and wedding planning!

In this months issue of Martha Stewart Weddings there is a wonderfully enlightening article on the benefits of having a wedding planner. I thought I’d share some excerpts from the article for your reading pleasure.

Meet the Planners by Lauren Lipton -Fall 2008 Martha Stewart Weddings

Counselor, coordinator, cohort – a wedding consultant plays MULTIPLE ROLES so you can CONCENTRATE on one: that of happy bride. But do you really need the extra help?

There was a time when wedding planners were an extravagance reserved for the mega-rich and famous, and most brides (along with their mothers) accepted the reality that they would have to shoulder every task themselves. These days, hiring a coordinator is, if not commonplace, increasingly popular. Why? Women are marrying later in life, often have jobs that don’t leave them a lot of free time, and may well be trying to plan their event from hundreds or even thousands of miles away. Having a cool-headed, organized professional around to take on some of the burden is still a luxury, but many brides feel that the payoff – less time focused on the little details, more time focused on the big day – is priceless.

What will a good planner do for you? He or she will suggest vendors and negotiate with them for the best price and service; take care of the responsibilities you’d prefer not to tackle; be there the day of the event to make sure everything runs smoothly; and serve occasionally as an impromptu therapist when mounting wedding stress turns you into a crazed, tulle-obsessed mess. Many of the best planners even have backgrounds in areas such as catering or floral design and will work with you to come up with color schemes and decor elements to make your day as unique as you are.

Check out the rest of the article in the current issue of Martha Stewart Weddings.

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