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Tuesday, April 26

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It is safe to say that Prince William and soon-to-be Princess Kate Middleton are financially secure, which is why the happy couple has set up a charitable gift fund! For those of you unfamiliar with this type of gift, it is simple a way to celebrate the Bride and Groom, by donating to a charity either in addition to a wedding gift, or instead of.

According to the Royal Wedding 2011 website, the happy couple have chosen to have these five following causes to receive much of the donation money; Conservation for future generations, children fulfilling their potential, help and care at home, changing lives through arts and sport, and support for Services personnel and their families. Within each category is an organization in which addresses the issues within the cause, with hopes to aid and support those affected or involved.

Charitable Gift Funds are an incredible way for attendees of your wedding to show support through charitable donations to the organization or cause of your choice. For those of us who don’t necessarily need any more “stuff” in our lives, think about setting up a Gift Fund for your wedding! Many charities are in need of income, and what is great about this type of gift, is you have the complete power to choose what type of charity will receive the donation. Anywhere from sustainable power to the prevention of animal cruelty can be chosen on your behalf, and if you can’t decide, choose more then one! Not only will you and your guests be celebrating in your honor, but those positively affected by donations on your behalf, will be in celebration too! 

Click here, to contribute to The Royal Wedding Charitable Gift Fund. 
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