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Thursday, April 21

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The Royal Wedding Trends
The Ring

Although Princess Diana was the original recipient of the gorgeous oval sapphire and diamond engagement ring now on Kate Middleton’s polished finger, it is the soon-to-be princess that began an uprising and super-trend that have made people consider adding a bit of color to their ring!

The traditional diamond of course, is what people have associated with brides for centuries, but the unbelievable deep blue sapphire Kate is wearing dazzles the public with its eye-catching features. Colored engagement rings are certainly non-traditional and unique, but definitely can be just as beautiful as white diamonds. Colors range anywhere from rose, to canary, to aquamarine, and even black.

But, you say “But I wanted a diamond!” Keep in mind that getting a colored stone in your ring can still mean diamonds, just different colored ones. In reality many of the colored engagement rings you see celebrities wearing are in fact colored diamonds. Diamonds, although known for their crystal looking clarity, can in fact come in different colors most of which are more vibrant and noticeable then a commonly used transparent diamond. Celebrities with colored diamonds include Carrie Underwood, Sarah Jessica Parker, and even Carmen Electra!

Gemstones, like Kate’s sapphire, have the same noticeable attention-grabbing effect by using color. Ruby, amethyst, citrine, and emerald are among some of the most popular gems used in rings. Celebrities like Jessica Simpson and Penelope Cruz both sport colored gemstones and do so remarkably.

This Royal Wedding is no doubt going to be absolutely fabulous! Keep in mind, the unique and fun trends its sets and revives can always be on your finger. Go ahead, spice things up and add a little color to your engagement!

More on the Royal Wedding soon!

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