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Thursday, November 14

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Happy proposal season!!

This time of year is famous for engagements. According to our friends at Wedding Wire, 33% of proposals occur between Thanksgiving and Valentines day. Who can blame these couples? All the extra family time, cozying up by the fire, the spirit of giving…. throw in a cheesy Christmas sweater and who wouldn’t feel romance in the air?!

We certainly are, so we figured this was the perfect time to do a little research about the topic.

It seems the latest and greatest proposal videos are always popping up and going viral (Have you heard about the newest craze? Actor/Producer proposes with a 27 minute video). There are even sites like How He Asked that are dedicated to couple’s sharing their big moment. With ample resources on what makes a great proposal,  we’re focusing on the other side of the coin: proposal trends that are less than appealing


1. Putting the engagement ring in of food.There are two reasons to shy away from this proposal style. At first it may seem romantic with a definite element of surprise, but there are two huge reasons to shy away from this over-used method: First of all, an engagement ring is a serious investment. Are you sure you want to be putting all your hard earned money into a food item? Who really wants to lick creme brûlée off their new engagement ring before snapping that picture to send to mom and the girlfriends?? Secondly (and most importantly) she could choke on the ring! Do you inspect your food for a diamond ring before each bite? Neither do we. Avoid this option and for the sake of your partner’s health.

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2. Popping the question over social media. A proposal is one of the most intimate turning points in a couple’s relationship. While we live in a society where sharing our personal lives has become the norm, we think this special moment should be kept intimate. All your friends and family will love hearing about the details after the fact, but sharing the experience together, face to face, will make it sacred and sentimental.


3. April Fool’s Day. This could be dangerous for the proposer or proposee. People are hyper sensitive to jokes on this day and are constantly expecting to be fooled. Wouldn’t it be devastating to put hard work into crafting a proposal, only to have your partner laugh it off as a joke? When you pop the question, make sure your partner knows it is 100% sincere. If you think there would be any shadow of doubt, it may be best to wait until April 2nd.

Obviously, proposing to marriage to your partner is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. It can be overwhelming and extremely nerve racking, so we are here to help!! We want to help you plan your proposal. Interested? Let’s start the conversation at We promise we won’t steer you wrong in the wrong direction.


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