Unique wedding guest book alternatives {Part 2}


Friday, February 3

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Planning your wedding and can’t come up with a fun guest book idea?  We’ve got tons of cute ideas that we’re dying to see happen!  Guest books are a really fun way to remember all the people who shared this special day with you, and these ideas add a more personal touch that are fun for the guests!  For the bride and groom who have a certain reputation or knack for something, this is a unique way to add personality to your wedding.
 For a romantic and classic look we’ve got the perfect guest book idea!  Cut out tiny colored paper hearts and have each of the guest sign the hearts with a message.  After the reception (and the honeymoon!) you can assemble a frame displaying all of the hearts by gluing down one side of the heart so it flutters open!
One of our favorite fun twists to the traditional guest books is the introduction of MadLibs.  Everyone has used these fun stories to occupy long road trips and now couples can use MadLibs to create a story for their guests to fill out about the bride and groom! This idea is sure to create laughter for the bride and groom and fun times for the guests to fill out!
Think you want a guest book that you can display as art in your house? Try these artistic ideas! Pick a piece of furniture, such asa bench or wooden chair and have the guests sign it and place it somewhere special within your house.
Love board games? Try using Jenga pieces as a unique guest book. Have each guest write a message on a block; it’s a super fun idea that will not only create memories for you, but your guests will be sure to remember this distinctive aspect of your wedding.


 Another interactive guest book is to create a large puzzle of whatever tickles your fancy and have your guests sign the underside of the pieces.
If you have guests that have a lot of personality consider a thumb print personality book.  Place a palette of colorful stamp ink on the table with a blank book.  Each guest can create an avatar finger print version of himself or herself using their thumbprint as the body and decorating it to create their personality. Too fun!



Another great use of the guest book is to tell a story about the bride and groom.  For the military couple that spent months apart relaying their love solely through pages and pages of letters and countless trips to the mailbox, intertwining this into the guest book is very romantic and creative.   Set up a mock letter writing station with pages simulating letters for the guests to write on and have a decorated mailbox for the guests to place their folded and sealed letters.  You can get creative and turn the letters into a book or just keep the mailbox somewhere in the house as a reminder of that very special stage of your relationship.



If guest book aren’t really your thing try having a wish tree at your reception!  What is a wish tree? Well this is an awesome and inimitable way for guests to send their wishes toward your future life together.   Have a tree somewhere at your reception site with long strands of paper near by.  The guests simply write their wishes and then they are connected onto the branches of the tree. There is your wish tree!


Whether you want a more traditional guest book or a distinctive guest book relates directly to your relationship with your new spouse, these are ideas that we can not wait to see in the amazing weddings of 2012!
Thank you for the inspiration!




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