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Thursday, April 1

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Angie Star Jewelry was founded in 2002 by Colorado native, Angela Olsgard. Her store showcases local artists and handmade jewelry, with a strong emphasis on sustainable practices, recycled metals and ethically sourced materials. Angie Star has also been voted ‘best in Boulder,’ five years running! Add to this the 100% recycled, ethically sourced line of engagement and wedding rings, and how could Calluna Events not feature Angie Star in the newsletter? We are in love with Angie’s answers to this month’s Featured Vendor interview!

1. Name of business Angie Star Jewelry

2. Years in business 8 years in business

3. Location 1807 pearl street, on the corner of pearl and 18th, next to Title 9 Sports

4. Most memorable wedding… ooo…. so hard to pick! Each of our brides comes in really excited, since jewelry is one of every one’s particular favorites to design! I would have to say that all of our brides have been very special, and have a little part of my heart as a result of designing for them. Perhaps one wedding in particular though, would be professional local athlete, Amanda Lovato. She designed her wedding jewelry with us, and has great personal style, and I think it was covered by the New York times. That was really fun! And Amanda and Micheal are great. I am pretty sure Amanda was my first customer ever.

5. I love it when a Bride and Groom are… I do a lot of recycled sterling and gold wedding bands, and i love it when a bride and groom are excited to design together. they have their different ideas of what they should look like, and then they put their heads together, and come up with these really great original wedding sets that are a little bit of both of them. Each custom wedding set is different, and i love to see what they envision together. Each set is as unique as they are.

6. Favorite part of a wedding…
Being at a wedding? the cake of course! and dancing with my husband. I don’t think we do nearly enough dancing these days. when you see the old movies, it seems they were always dancing.

7. Our favorite kind of bride is… we cater to a lot of brides that are environmentally conscious, but also really want their special jewelry to reflect who they are. so we have learned to create sustainable jewelry that still has every imaginable option open. they can be easy on the environment, as well as show off their personal style!.

8. What sets us apart from other jewelers is… we have been creating custom bridal jewelry for 8 years, with an emphasis on creating sustainable meaningful work. You can walk in, talk to a designer, and create something that exists only for you, because you imagined it, and we made it happen. We use traditional jewelry making practices, with a sustainable focus (recycled metals and ethically sourced gems, all locally made), and we have, i must say, learned to do it very well. We have many many happy brides in our wake – and we are proud to say so! Plus, we all just really love it! It is so special! we get really excited.

9. Trends we are seeing for 2010… Jewelry with more meaning, a richer story. We have always done custom pieces, but now we are seeing friends and family pitching in together to get something made for a loved one that has a little bit more time and intention invested in it. Really special pieces, that might be worn everyday, and never taken off. The beginning of family heirlooms. This is very rewarding work, and we feel honored to take on these special projects. this is what makes our work feel really meaningful.

10. One tip for getting rings on a budget is… Before you shop, decide on what your budget is, and stay within that budget. There are so many options, and if you clearly communicate what you can spend. There are ways to make it work, and we are happy to help. The whole experience, I think, should feel really good.

11. Anything else you’d like to add? Thank you for everything!

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