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Friday, April 10

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On this week’s edition of Calluna’s vendor spotlights we had the opportunity to sit down and catch up with the ever-so-talented Otto from Otto Schulze Photography. For those of you who don’t remember – we had the honor of working with Otto on Bre + Ben’s wedding which was also featured in Style Me Pretty! Otto was one of three photographers for this wedding, the moments Otto captured were absolutely stunning. We are absolutely smitten with Otto’s work, he is very very talented and we were so happy to discover what inspires Otto. Read on to find out for yourself!



Describe what you do.

I think it would be fair to describe me as a ‘qualified observer’. I’ve always loved this quote by Henri Cartier-Bresson “you see, you feel, and the surprised eye responds”. This to me sums up my approach when I’m shooting. Unobtrusively capturing authentic moments as they happen. And then beyond that my treatment of those images in post production most definitely is a fine art approach.

For me, the actual shooting is the sketch, the pencil drawing, and the post production is where I ‘paint’, where I finish the thought, if you will. I take my time. One image at a time. I have no preconceived goal or idea. Every image is finished as one of one. I’m obsessed with quality and everything I do is with that in view. From the equipment that I use, to the photographer I fly out to shoot the event with me, EVERYTHING. My strengths as an artist definitely leans towards clients that are confident and comfortable in who they are. People who can simply just be themselves.

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What has been your favorite wedding or event you’ve ever worked/attended?

I’ve been privileged in my career to have photographed events at some pretty incredible locationsThe Great Wall of China, on top of mountains, secluded beaches, meadows, you name it. But if I have to pick one then my favorite all time wedding would have to be the first wedding I shot at Brush Creek Ranch. Alexi + Beno. Not only was the setting absolutely spectacular, honestly Brush Creek Ranch is my favorite location of all time, but there was a certain ease, and authenticity about Alexi + Beno that just sets this wedding apart for me. By the time it was the actual wedding day, we had all been at the ranch together for a day or two already by then, we felt like we were guests at this wedding. I can honestly say I photographed this entire wedding without even breaking a sweat. Everything came with such ease, so organically…they were who they were, I was who I was, and it flowed…it was grand!


What makes you excited to go to work in the morning?

So I work from home and that involves three magnificent little girls. So, that for me is huge! I love ‘making images’. I feel like for the most part I’m really still just ‘playing’….creating….experimenting. So that’s exciting. And then of course the other part for me of ‘going to work’ is I get to travel to all these ridiculous locations.


What advice would you give a younger you?

Honestly I have no idea. I don’t look back much. I am where I am right now, I’m not where I’m going, and where I was is past. So all I have, and occupy myself with, is NOW.

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What’s your favorite trend you are seeing in your industry?

Honestly I’m not a trend guy. I have no idea what’s trending in the wedding industry, or really anywhere else for that matter. Sorry. Again, because my style is so reactive it really makes no difference whether I know what’s trending or not. And honestly my clients are typically not ‘trend followers’ regardless. They’re always doing they’re own thing, they very much have their own vision…

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We loved getting to catching up with Otto and learning what inspires him! If you liked what you read, check him out on his social media outlets and look into booking him for your wedding! Afterall wedding season is just around the corner! 

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Stay tuned for more of our vendor spotlights! xx, Calluna


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