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Monday, April 13

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Spice Jones (Lead Curator & Stylist), a native of Atlanta, Georgia, joined the Calluna Events team in 2006 for the opportunity to combine a background in film producing with her love for creating beautiful celebrations. Spending 14 years collaborating with the country’s top art directors and wardrobe designers gave Spice the “everything is possible!” excitement that Calluna Events brings to each and every event. Through the little details, her passion is finding fresh and exciting ways to match time honored traditions with today’s modern styles. Along with her experience, Spice brings the confident professionalism and fun personality that have become the trademarks of Calluna Events.

 What is your favorite part of the wedding day? This is always a tough question because there are so many great moments during a wedding celebration. I love watching the bride see her bouquet for the first time. I absolutely melt when her father arrives to escort her to the ceremony. And of course I’m speechless when the groom sees his bride for the very first time. Now having said all of that I will admit that the change of energy that takes place when the bride kisses her groom is absolutely my favorite moment of the day. The kiss is the starting gun for the party to begin. It ends the nervous expectations of “The Big Day” and triggers a wave of excitement that gives everyone permission to retire the hankies and dust off the dancing shoes.  The laughter gets louder, personalities get bigger, and the two families finally blend into one big celebration.

Tell us something that might surprise us about you. I think most people are surprised to learn that I’m a dual-sport motorcyclist. When I first met my husband I actually gave up makeup and weekly trips to Anthropologie to travel through Central and South America for 8 months with nothing more than our motorcycles and sleeping bags. To this day my husband and I are avid travelers and we always keep an adventure or two on the horizon.

And I guess the second most surprising thing would be that I’m a beekeeper. Keeping honeybees was never on the bucket list but somehow it fell into my lap and now I’m absolutely in love with all 400,000 of my temperamental little beasts. FYI, my honey toppled the reigning champion for the blue ribbon at the Boulder County Fair.

What wedding trends are you loving this season? It might not be a trend but it does seem that more and more of my brides and grooms are pushing back against the conventional wedding “obligations” and planning intimate celebrations that represent their passions and personalities while only including a core group of family and friends they truly love and enjoy. And I think it’s fabulous. I find that we’re striving for more of an emotional theme than a visual one. Instead of planning a “look” we’re creating a “feel”, an experience (usually spanning a full weekend) that brings everyone together in celebration and camaraderie.  And with these more intimate weddings comes more exclusive locations. From rustic lodges with four-star chefs, to manicured farms offering a family style menu under festival lights, to art galleries with a sommelier on hand, weddings with 50-100 of their nearest and dearest are enabling couples to create magical escapes that they, along with their guests, will cherish forever.

What three traits define you?  I’m not sure if they define me but I certainly take a lot of pride in being meticulously organized, perceptive of people’s thoughts and emotions, and very creative. Is there such a thing as a type-A personality that’s also patient & laid-back?

 What’s one thing you couldn’t live without?  I absolutely cannot live without a professional pedicure. It doesn’t matter if your hair is a mess and your clothes are a disaster, a fabulous pedicure warns the world that you should not be underestimated. PS, I do know where to get the very best pedicure in Boulder so email me next time you’re ready to treat yourself.

What is one piece of clothing everyone should own? A fitted pair of white ankle-length jeans… worn after Easter and before Labor Day. They look great on everyone, they match everything, and they make a pedicure look fabulous (see above). White jeans mean summertime (my favorite season) and you don’t have to worry about keeping them clean because when they get dirty you just bleach them and they’re as good as new!

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