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Wednesday, April 1

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We are back with a vendor spotlight for all our lovely readers! This week we are setting our sights on the amazing Cindy Ollig, Co-Owner and Fearless Leader of The Perfect Petal.

Our long working relationship with this team on a personal and professional level makes every opportunity to work together extra sweet. Each Petal is individually creative, innovative and insanely talented — when they’re around we often stop everything just to gaze in awe at the incredible floral artistry.

This spotlight is very special to our hearts as Calluna is off to NYC this week all thanks to Cindy + Alex’s 2014 wedding challenge. We are so grateful!!

Read on to catch up on our interview with Cindy and see what inspires her.




Describe what you do.

 I get excited about pairing new, beautiful and fresh décor ideas with couples individual style and tastes. I see real weddings every week in person and our team shares our favorite trends and spectacular wedding looks each week with each other so its fun to take the best of that and introduce them to brides who may only see 2 or 3 weddings each year. 

 What is your idea of a dream project?

I think I’d love to be asked to work in a really unique, dramatic but challenging local, and I’d love to be able to shine a light on the attributes of the space but transform it into something breathtaking, custom and original. Basically I love responses, chatter, wonder and the element of surprise. I love folding in new unexpected design that feels completely comfortable and magical in the same instant. 

 What are some of your favorite Calluna Weddings?

Cord + Kelly, Erin + Dash, Olivia + Daniel, Jolene + Chad, Maris + Tyler, Jenn + Jason, Erin + Marc, and Lesley + JD!

 What makes you excited to go to work in the morning?

Seeing my team, seeing the new stems that are coming in. I love brainstorming out a problem with a group and feeling proud of ourselves when we can come up with a creative solution. 


What advice would you give a younger you?

Play your own game. Never look beside you or ahead of you at who you may perceive as your competition. Competitors turn into friends, your talent is yours, and given a chance it will usually surprise you in a pleasing way. 

 What are some of the new trends in floral you are excited to try out?

I think we are going to be seeing more sculptural designs both in table centerpieces and wall installations. I think exploring some of those ideas will be really exciting and allow me to flex some floral design muscles. I will always be in love the natural flowing garden looks that have been in vogue for the last few years but I’m ready for some challenges. I think suspended floral sculptures are going to be huge, like we are seeing from Rebecca Louise Law and floating geometric florals from Sebesta Designs



Stay tuned for the adventures of Calluna in New York City compliments of The Perfect Petal. We can’t wait to explore the Big Apple. xx, Calluna Events

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Photo Credit: Rebecca Caridad from Manzanita 

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