Waste Free Gift Giving with Spring Canyon Studios

Sunday, April 18

Finally, gift wrap that doesn’t get left behind! Save some paper, and the planet, and for your wedding, use ZenWrap.
Check it out:
“About ZenWrap — The Path to Enlightened Gift Giving

There are many definitions and connotations to the word “enlightened.” The SCS ZenWrap is a fusion of Eastern tradition and Western design. The intent is to make the world a better place. The simple, traditional square design, the Furoshiki, has been used by the Japanese and other cultures for thousands of years to serve as everything from a bath mat to a lunch box to a gift wrap. As consumers grow increasingly knowledgeable about how consumerism affects the environment, they are reaching out for simple, stylish solutions to meet their new “enlightened” needs. ZenWrap meets this need by being made with eco-friendly materials. They are Made in the USA with sweatshop-free labor, and they are packaged without extraneous, wasteful material. Learning how to gift wrap with fabric, and reuse the wrap over and over again is an excellent way to reduce your impact and become an enlightened gift giver.”

Find more about ZenWrap and other Earth-friendly, gift-giving options at Spring Canyon Studios.

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