Wedding Trend # 10: Trash-the-Dress Backlash

Sunday, June 22

Although plenty of brides expect to spend half the day posing everywhere and anywhere trashing their dress with their photographer in tow, The Knot says that Wedding Trend #10: Trash-the-Dress is currently experiencing a bit of a backlash. Trashing the dress occurs when a bride spends a day with her photographer ruining her dress in mud or in water or after the wedding as a ritual, literally trashing the dress (with the photographer clicking away) with gestures as dramatic as setting her dress on fire.  The wedding experts at The Knot say the backlash is manifesting itself with traditional bridal portraits like the ones that have been staples of Southern weddings for years.  Instead of candid and unposed photographs (or in addition to those photos), brides are choosing to have their portraits and wedding party pictures carefully curated.  They can be shot in a studio or outdoors, but the common thread is that that are posed portraits with a formal edge. These timeless photographs are guaranteed to still be sitting on the mantelpiece years from now.

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