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Saturday, November 10

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We recently asked the Calluna Events staff what are some trends they love from this year, and here’s what they had to say.

Spice ::  I will forever love weddings that showcase family traditions and cultural ceremonies. These elements not only pay respect to the histories of the individuals, they also bless the marriage with the love and support of many generations. So beautiful!

I love how Hipster Fashion has started influencing wedding fashion. Since “Hipster” is all about individual style, brides to are starting showcase their personalities through sassy dresses and then pairing them with bold colored crinolines, tights, clutches and shoes. It’s also giving grooms the chance to move away from tuxedos and express their personalities without compromising the formality of the occasion. Bow ties, fun socks, fedoras and great shoes all paired with casually cut suits made of rich fabrics are show stoppers every time! I love how the trend is allowing true personalities to shine through, being a glamor-fied version of yourself makes for the most confident you on your wedding day!

Gabbie:: Love DIY, when it’s done well, organic decor elements – an “organic chic” theme, broach bouquets and dessert tables

Kayla :: I really love entering the wedding reception, and being greeted by fun and creative guest books and escort cards.  I think this has been an area that brides may overlook as something to simply “put out” on a table, but it can be so much more!  I enjoy seeing brides truly make it a focal point and part of their theme.  Instead of simply setting a guest book out on a table, why not create a piece of art that guests can sign, or something that they leave their thumb print on?

And, for escort cards, the more creative, the better!  This is also an area to highlight you as a couple.  Do you like to travel?  Gather postcards from your favorite spots and write guests names on them. Big movie fans?  Print up guests names on vintage tickets.  Or, my  recent favorite featured mason jars with guests names on them.  Then, the jars doubled as glasses for the “down home” cocktail hour.

Guests truly enjoy being a part of your special day, and these small details are fun and memorable!

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