You’re engaged! Now what?


Wednesday, January 18

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Hi friends! Kaylee here. T’is the season of engagements, or as we like to call it at Calluna, “Christmas number TWO”!  Just kidding, but really, we LOVE seeing all of the newly engaged couples in our news feeds. As a recently engaged gal myself, I wanted to share a little knowledge that I’ve gained on important steps to take after your partner puts a ring on it. It can be overwhelming! I totally get it. I am fortunate to plan weddings for a living yet I still was not fully prepared for the post engagement chaos that comes. That’s why we’re here. We’ve compiled a list of a few necessary steps to take after sliding that gorgeous ring onto your finger.

  • Take time to enjoy the moment. This is an important yet often overlooked piece. Pop some bubbly, get your snuggle on, grab some dinner –  whatever you need to do to have a mini celebration between the two of you. Once you officially announce the news to your loved ones and social media, the ball starts rolling and it can tend to get a little overwhelming. Make sure you and your fiancé take a little time to enjoy each other. You’re getting married! Holy cow! Let it soak in!
  • Insure your bling! Chances are, your partner spent a pretty penny on your new ring candy. It’ll give a little piece of mind knowing that your ring is insured.
  • Set a budget.  Make sure you and your partner sit down and have an open and honest discussion about what pieces of your day are important to you. What are your non-negotiables? Is it music? Photography? Florals? Whatever it may be, It helps to set realistic expectations about what you’re both comfortable spending on your big day and where. Setting realistic expectations from the get go will assure that way there won’t be any surprises (arguments) down the road.
  • Register. We love this part! Now that you’re engaged, your friends and family are going to start talking about showers, engagement parties and the like. Your registry isn’t just for the big day. Make sure you and your partner sit down and decide on a registry. Make a night of it! Order in some takeout, grab a bottle of wine, and click away.
  • Consider hiring a wedding planner. Duh! I really can’t stress enough how much of a live saver it is to have a planner. This isn’t a shameless self promotion, I promise. We’re really here to be your biggest advocate. You want to be able to enjoy your day and not stress out.

xx, Kaylee w/ Calluna

Feature Photo by Emily Sacco.

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