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Monday, January 16

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As we kick off yet another wedding season we are inspired by what we are seeing on the runway, on wedding blogs, in home decor trends and in the fashion industry. We try to take our cues for trends of the year by what we are seeing come out of the fashion industry but also what the top wedding planners around the country are predicting. A recent article in Vogue gave us insight into what some of the country’s top wedding planners would like to see go away, many of which we agree with!

Our main goal in designing is to create a wedding that truly reflects our couple, is authentic to them and also timeless. We prefer to be slightly ahead of the trend, or setting the trend, but as always try to create a wedding our bride loves and therefore current trends are always going to play into the design. So what do we want to see more of? Check out our list below!


Xo, Calluna


You can’t go wrong when the color of the year is greenery. There was a time when greens in bouquets and florals was on the way out. And now greenery everywhere is a trend we can embrace. Garlands, greenery chandaliers and trailing from bouquets. We are in Colorado and love a garden, organic feel when it comes to florals.  We just caution when using greenery that you ensure it’s abundant. Too little greenery can look sparse and not have the intended impact.

Photo Credit :: Julie Harris Photography (top) || Van Buren Photography (bottom)


This past year we introduced marble topped tables at Emily & Michael’s wedding with our creative partner Yonder. The result was spectacular! We added in some marble plates on the head table (which was a wooden kings table) to tie in the rest of the marble in the room. For more images of Emily & Michael’s bash click here!

Photo Credit :: Alison Vagnini Photography


Gold flatware has been very popular in the past few years and while it remains popular for those timeless brides we’d like to see a bit of a mix with metals on the table. We are seeing our creative partners introduce copper (we used copper in Emily & Michael’s wedding last year) and rose gold. We also loved the black flatware we used for our holiday table inspiration, which was a moody and modern twist to your table. See the full tablescape here!

Photo Credit :: Rebecca Stumpf Photography


We love brides who choose a modern, stylish look for their dress. We though Brett was gorgeous in her high neck, long sleeve fitted gown for her winter wedding. We know we’ll see more of this look with added flair like a plunging neck or a high slit in the front.


We’ve said it before – we love a good neutral wedding but we are wanting to see brides infuse their personality a bit more. And we aren’t talking about a colorful wedding with no theme or one that doesn’t reflect the bride and groom or the venue.  Infusing pops of color into a blush palate can transform a look or designing a wedding around certain colors can really make an impact. We saw this with Caity & Nate’s wedding and Hadley & Michael’s.

Photo Credit :: Harper Point Photography


We’ll see a continued focus on the table top details – from the linens, or not to the napkin colors and tie. Printed or hand calligraphed menus, placecards and coordinating table numbers will continue to be a must and will add personality and interest to your table. Creative chargers and glassware will complete the look and provide an opportunity for color or texture.

Photo Credit :: Sarah Hasstedt Photography (top) || Lisa Anne Photography


You can never have enough candle light! We will continue to see candles everywhere – front high tapers and candelabras to low modern votives. And not just white or ivory – colored candles will continue to make an impact like at our holiday party inspiration at Moss.  Candles will light entries and set the tone for after parties.


Photo Credit :: James & Schulze


We predict all white or black bridesmaids dresses as in Page & Scott’s maids or Caity & Nate’s maids. Both color palettes really make a statement and maybe your maids can even wear their dress again!

Photo Credit : Lisa Anne Photography


We’ve definitely seen our fair share of family style weddings and that trend will continue in Colorado where farm weddings are abundant, but we’d like to see more emphasis on creative food from multiple courses to creative stations that reflect the couples tastes. And as always make sure whichever food style you choose it doesn’t require your guests to have to work for it too much. Family style is appropriate for a farm to table style wedding, not black tie. And if you’re doing food stations make sure there are enough stations and seating so guests don’t have to wait in line and also don’t have to stand to eat. We’ll continue to see creative desserts and late night snacks!


Our couples this year are looking for a show stopping band. The larger the band and the more wide reaching the song list the better. We are also seeing an emphasis on a surprise act or creative performance during the reception – whether it’s the groom singing a song to his bride or having a special performance to delight and inspire your guests we are certain we’ll see more of this in the coming years.

Photo Credit :: Dana Romanoff


Don’t knock it until you try it! this is a super fun way to have music at a wedding venue who has a noise ordinance or to provide a fun twist for a late night party! We’ve had it at a wedding and also have attended an event ourselves at Engage! And it was so much fun!


While larger weddings will always happen we’ve seen a shift in smaller, more intimate weddings and this trend will continue. Hosting your closest friends and family for a wedding complete with activities allows you to bond and create lasting memories and incorporate incredible details for a smaller group.

Photo Credit :: James & Schulze

Featured Image : Van Buren Photography




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