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Wednesday, July 18

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Here at Calluna we are always looking for new ways to highlight and honor some of the amazing creative partners we get to work with. We feel incredibly fortunate to work with some seriously talented vendors in the industry, and we want to show them off to you in our new Calluna Community Series! We will sit down with some of the fabulous vendors of Colorado and get to know about them, their business and what life is like behind the scenes. Stay tuned for more!

This week for Calluna Community we caught up with Katy of Katy Pierson Cake!

Cheers! Xo, Calluna

Describe what you do! “I make cake for really special days.  I focus on beautiful cakes with quality ingredients.  I have a natural but classic style and a serious love for flowers, sugar or fresh.”

What is your idea of a dream project?  “There is nothing better than a family inviting you into their own home..  A great setting makes all the difference.  I just love placing a cake in an open field, gorgeous tent or a nook with a view.  As far as design, I’m a total sucker for  a classic.   I also love flowers, so a cake with an abundance of floral makes me really excited.”

What has been your favorite wedding that you have worked, or attended? “That’s a tough one,  I’ve been a part of so many beautiful days.  I love couples that give off a great energy. I was recently hired for a wedding where I could feel the energy the second I walked into their perfect setting. Moments like this make me just float home.  Some couples just feel good.”

What does your morning routine look like? “I get up fairly early around 5:30, make coffee for me and my honey, feed our two Corgis, Midge and Virginia and then take them for walk in the woods.  We have a lovely little trail right out our front door.  I pack my lunch, make  more coffee and head to town towards my kitchen.  Then I get started with some emails, a prep-list, preheat the oven and get to it.”

What are some of your favorite trends that you are seeing? “I love all the unexpected elements and textures that I am seeing.  I think it’s so fun to use a flower or a piece of green of an unusual variety or cute name.  Also, color!  I can’t wait to see all the color this season.”

What advice would you give to a younger you? “I would tell myself to “walk with grace.”  I just love everything the word encompasses.”

What makes you excited to go to work in the morning? “Going to my own little studio kitchen makes me really happy.  I am also a forever student, so the thought of learning a new gum paste flower or a creating a new recipe still gives me a lot of joy.   My husband recently told me that I  had a “nice existence,” I think he meant that in the nicest way!”

What is your favorite cocktail, or what are you drinking tonight? “I love a hot toddy!  Especially after a ski or walk in the woods.  It’s so soothing, it makes me feel like I’m doing something good for myself!”

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