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Tuesday, October 2

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This wedding season has been one of the best yet and we are loving all the various components of each wedding that make them all so unique and special! With so much inspiration from our clients our minds have been twirling with creativity.   Another fun way to add a little character to your wedding is through your wedding programs.  There are so many new ways to use your creative mind to help inspire a non-traditional wedding program.  It seems that with a majority of the weddings we are seeing this year there is a lighthearted and relaxed feel to the ceremony and reception.   

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 If the bride and groom tend to be jokesters then a humorous and fun wedding program would be perfect for this couple with a funny bone! Wedding programs that have a timeline of the night are the perfect place to add some lighthearted humor or even personal inside jokes to keep your guests giggling as they read through your program.  Another fun idea that we are seeing in a few non-traditional wedding programs are activities and games to help keep your guests occupied between their rounds of mingling.  You can make them personal and unique to you and your future hubby by including names and places in a word search!  One of our other favorite non-traditional wedding programs that we are seeing is the display of the wedding party.  We love everything from a simple display of little avatars or your bridal party or fun cartoon versions of these special people!  When brainstorming about creating your wedding programs, think outside the box, literally! If you are thinking of achieving a non-traditional wedding program think of different shapes and ways to fold and present you wedding program!  There is so much room to get creative with constructing wedding programs and can really allow a bride and groom to showcase their style.  Still not quite sure what to include in your wedding program? Here is what a traditional wedding program usually consists of; by no means does it mean that you need to include everything.  This is where the beauty of non-traditional wedding programs lies.

  • The name of couple
  • The date
  • The location and possibly the time of ceremony
  • The order of events

Processional music 



Exchange of Vows

Ring Ceremony

Unity candle ceremony

Pronouncement of marriage

Recessional music

  • Members of the bridal party


Parents of Bride

Parents of Groom

Stepparents of Bride

Stepparents of Groom


Maid of Honor

Best Man




  • Explanations of special rituals or events of ceremony
  • Request for participation of guests if required at any point in ceremony
  • Thank yous
  • Memorials
  • Maybe a short sentence to why bridesmaid/groomsmen are important to you 
  • Possibly explanation of significance of location or date of wedding
  • Quotes or poems about love or marriage
  • Directions to the reception

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