Wedding Planning Tips: Mock Up Season

Ahh mock ups… as wedding planners, we absolutely LOVE seeing a “mock up” of the florals and tablescapes for our weddings before the big day and can offer a couple of tips before singing that floral contract.

Mock ups are a great way to get a real “sneak peek” of what your table will look like. It allows for an opportunity to critique the flowers, change around anything you aren’t crazy about, and make sure your vision is property translated to the table.

Not all florists offer this service, but it is a great thing to ask about before signing a contract with your desired florist. We LOVE the Perfect Petal in Denver for a number of reasons, but take a peek at this stunning mock up the fabulous Kitzel Ruth created for our July bride yesterday. Peonies have arrived!!!


Calluna Events is 10!


Diffusing Stress :: A DIY Guide To Mala Beads

It’s no secret, life is stressful.

We are truly blessed to live in a place that offers such an accessible remedy as simply going outside and enjoying it!  Try to take some time from your hectic day to be with yourself outdoors enjoying nature.  Go throw on those sunglasses and leave the phone behind for a lunchtime stroll or hike!

Physical expression is another great way to reduce stress.  Whether you prefer popping in those ear buds and hitting the trail for a run, expressing yourself through a dance class, or using meditation and yoga as your release; make sure that you give yourself time during this beautiful but busy planning process.

Another proven way to decompress and gain some peaceful alone time is through mediation.  This doesn’t have to be an extensive time consuming experience; a five-minute meditative sessions can make worlds or a difference.  For those who meditate or are looking to getting into it we’ve created a DIY guide to making your very own Mala Beads.  These are meditation beads that are used for keeping count with reciting, chanting, or mentally your mantra.  A mantra is different for each person and is a sacred utterance, numinous sound, or a syllable, word, phonemes, or group of words to help calm one’s mind.

However you decide to release your stress, keep in mind that a deep breath is one of the most amazing tools in diffusing a stressful situation and that all of the stress should never take you away from the excitement of continuing the rest of your life with the person you love most in this world.

What you’ll need

×        108 beads (6mm to 8mm work best)

×        Approximately 36 inches of Medium SoftFlex beading wire

×        Larger “T” bead to complete strand

×        2x2mm crimp

×        Any charms or decorative beads you want to incorporate

×        Needle nose pliers

×        Wire cutters (scissors work fine too for this one)


Step One

×        Measure out 36 inches of your wire


Step Two

×        String on your beads


Step Three

×        Feed wire through “T” bead so that both strands of wire come out of singular holeIMG_6229IMG_6231

Step Four

×        Add finishing decorative beads to end of wire. Leave room to end with your crimp


Step Five

×        Place your crimp at end of wire and secure with needle nose pliers.


Step Six

×        Use your beads to help instill mindfulness and a peaceful sense of calm in your daily life!


Wedding Dress Inspiration of Calluna’s Past Brides

It would be a lie if almost every girl said that they didn’t envision their wedding day, whether it is 20 years out or a few weeks into an engagement.  We asked around and the number one image that us gals envision other than getting caught up in the day dream of our future hubby’s eyes is the dress, and rightfully so! This fanaticized beauty of looking glamorous is worth the moments out of some people’s days to dream about.

With award season upon us, we love gaining inspiration from the red carpet! After all, with various different necklines, trains, and styles of dresses there are endless possibilities of what can become of the gown that you will only get to wear once and never want to take off.  Whether you’re into simple and chic or making an elegant statement with elaborate lace detail; we love finding beauty in every design.  Adding a splash of color to a dress through a sash or in the tulle is fun.  We’ve seen a bride who incorporated color into her gown through subtle pink ombre at the bottom!  Now who doesn’t love lace? The classic romantic elegance of an intricate lace design is one of our favorites as well!  One of our most desired things is seeing a bride surprise guests with a stunning nontraditional wedding dress. The traditional route or a more unique vision of a gown are always one of our favorite parts of everyone’s special day.  So, for all those future brides and hopeless romantics dreaming of their perfect dress we’ve compiled a few of our favorite gowns from brides over the years to keep those imaginations active.  Choosing a few gowns was no easy task, so you can click here to see images of our exquisite brides in their gowns for some more inspiration!

olivia's Tess Pace

Photo Credit via  Calluna Events   Photography : Tess Pace

Jamie's  Jenna Walker

Photo Credit via Calluna Events   Photography : Jenna Walker

Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 11.15.23 AM

Photo Credit via Calluna Events   Photography : Robin Proctor

Jolene Cary Jobe

Photo Credit via Calluna Events   Photography : Cary Jobe

Calluna Events 2013 Year Recap

Every year, we love to share our highlights and accomplishments with our supporters and readers. 2013 was our most successful year to date and we at Calluna Events are excited to share our incredible highlights with you!

{ Image Credit to Daniel O’Connor Photography & Tess Pace Photography }


Recap of Audi Boulder Premier Event

We were so thrilled to get a call from Audi Boulder to assist with the planning of their December Premier Party. In just over a month, we planned this swanky celebration of Audi Boulder’s new owners and the smokin’ hot TDI Clean Diesel Audi Cars that were parked at the space for the week.

With the help of a few of our most talented vendors – LMD Productions for stunning lighting, Perfect Petal for the unique floral, Eclectic Hive for the modern decor, OAK for the creative cocktails, and Catering by Design for the tasty treats – we created transformed the Audi showroom into a super chic and sophisticated space for VIP guests to mix and mingle all night.

You can see more photos from this event on our Event Page here. Thanks so much to Allen with Hardcastle Photography for the great photos!

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We are so honored to have been featured yesterday on the ultimate wedding blog, Style Me Pretty.

bouquet Olivia + Daniel Calluna events Devils Thumb Ranch Wedding

Thank you Tess Pace Photography for bringing this magical wedding to life with all of your timeless images.

Take a peek at the full feature here.

Instagram Sneak Peek from Molly + Sammy’s Cordillera Wedding

We just had to share a few of our Instagram uploads from our wedding at The Lodge and Spa at Cordillera this past weekend. Thank you to Perfect Petal Denver, Pink Monkey Solutions, Jenna Walker Photographers, K Hodge Films, Tee & Cakes, Mountain Flour, Mike’s Pastries (Boston),  Alpine Party Rentals, All Events Rentals, Alpine Luxury Transportation, Moment’s Notice’s Jerry Barnett Band, Bliss Studio, and Michael Moore’s Simply Moore. We can’t wait to share more photos from this very special celebration!

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